Sunday 7 February 2016

Sunday Update 070116

Last month I was on about communicating with Little Green Men.  Here's an essay which absolves Enrico Fermi from ever articulating The Fermi Paradox about the existence of intelligent life Out There.

I know you're dying to know what happened on Wednesday about the Strike. I wasn't allowed to work-work and the day was fine-sunny-winter so I had a productive day cleaning house and tidying up the brash from a fallen tree. I was rostered for picket duty between 1500-1700 and turned up in a shirt and fleecy; that was fine at 3pm but it was well chilly as the street lights came on.  Note to Self: wear funeral overcoat next time: you're not as young as you were.  There was a tiny bit of coverage on Newstalk, and some desultory and predictable comments at The Journal. Including the helpful "Oh, by the way don’t strike on a day when the election is announced."

And it's Eddie Izzard's birthday today:

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