Wednesday 11 October 2017

International Day of the Girl Child

IDG? That would be today, 11th October as it has been for each of the last 5 or 6 years. I like girls, I shared a house with a couple of them for about 20 years and I was delighted to see them grow up straight and tall; becoming canny and independent young women. But, notwithstanding my Victorian father demeanour and insistence that they wear sailor-suits and sing a lot, Dau.I and Dau.II had a relatively easy time of it. With no brothers of similar age, they weren't made to do more than their share of the chores; I didn't insist that they marry a crusty farmer from up the valley; they got access to education even if it was not in school [how - result (whc applies also to Dau.I)]. It's rougher for girls in, say, Africa just because they are girls and the local culture doesn't seem to value or appreciate them. Which is damned . . . stupid, according to Caitlin Moran. Although our girls didn't go to school, I can see that for poor, disenfranchised, girls formal school is a way out of the poverty trap. Reading empowers especially if you don't have an iPad. Chess is good too.

Worldwide here are 1.1 billion girls - females under the age of 13 - and collectively they do 550 hours of housework every day: which is about 40% more than their brothers contribute. But wait, that's only 30 minutes each a day; doesn't sound oppressive to anyone who grew up on am Irish farm like our girls. But there are girls out there, from the First World, who can't boil an egg or sew on a button, let alone make a dress or make a soufflĂ©; let alone let alone fetch 25lt water from a distant well before school and gather firewood on the way home, so I guess the average isn't really the useful statistic.

Much earlier in the year, girls around the world were asked to send in stories about how they triumphed in an adversity which was brought upon them because they had two X chromosomes. Today, at UN HQ in NY NY, they are having a symposium to hear these voices. Can't be there but can bring you some vids on the general subject
Well there wasn't much joy in any of that, eh. Clearly something is wrong with the world. But here's something you can do today. Find a girl, any example will do, give her a big hug and tell her that she is stonkin' wonderful. You'll promptly get arrested by the pedophile thought-police which will help the child remember the event for longer. Recognising your sacrifice on her behalf will ensure that she walks taller, and takes additional classes in assertiveness, which will be good for everyone she encounters. It's a plan.

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