Sunday 23 October 2016

They that go down to the sea in ships

Sunday Colour Supplement. A few days ago, Wikipedia featured the first of these images as their picture of the day. I thought it might be interesting to rustle up some similar and see who can identify a) the painter b) the species. A sort of tribute to those who worked on the ocean. There aren't many left, because we taken all the fish and converted them to cat-food and fertiliser. Very slow hand-clap.
Multiple choice among the species: Clupea harengusHippoglossus hippoglossus; Physeter macrocephalus; Homarus gammarus; Pleuronectes platessa; Spongia officinalis


6. You can never have enough buoys,
Clues: You can use TinEye to find similar images (i.e. wth annotation) on the interweb.

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