Thursday 22 May 2014

A whole blogging year

My paternal grandmother, like many of her generation, was very keen on being 'regular' in the matter of bowel movements. My father was dosed to ensure this. Not me, as far as I'm concerned 'shit happens'. I started The Blob in the spirit of "ask a busy man" when I started a new job at The Institute in January 2013. I popped something up when I had a few minutes between work and eat and sleep. There was plenty of copy because I was being hosed down with new stuff every day. Then this time last year, as exams came round and formal classes had finished, I had more time to devote to writing.  A year ago the Table of Contents looked like this:
19/05/13 Map of the Nation
20/05/13 Nothing
21/05/13 Nirenberg and Matthaie (by far my most page-viewed post)
22/05/13 Nothing
23/05/13 European Underwear (really important in this week of European elections)
Since 23rd of May last year, however, I've posted something every reg'lar day.  So today marks a year of My Life on The Blob. Huzzah! That's a lot of writing. A tuthree years ago, I committed myself to writing 700 words a month for a year for a magazine Essay-and-Music programme on the Irish wireless called Sunday Miscellany. At the time, that was a big ask, but I stuck to my pens and submitted 14 pieces of deathless prose before I realised that Sunday Misc was not about to take anything I wrote.  The great thing about a blog is that the editorial staff take anything I write. So I was able to recycle most of the Sunday Misc essays. Like my 100th and 500th posts and my 100,000th word, after 365 consecutive posts, I don't feel the need now to post every day: I've been there, done that.  Years ago, one of the British Sunday colour supplements started a column called A Life in The Day - seems it's still going. The Blob is a bit like that, days clock past faster than I experience new material, so eventually I will have dredged my whole life into The Blob as a series of asides and "that reminds me of . . .".  TMI you may well cry!

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