Thursday 18 November 2021

oooo mask data

 God forgive me for sins in a past life but I found myself watching the schoolboy slaggin' that passes for government by democracy in the country next door. I guess I was suckered into it by, and I quote: "Apoplectic Speaker goes fully mental". This is not to hold up Dáil debates as the epitome of Ciceronian cut-and-thrust. And in any case, the debate is irrelevant here because I noted that St Jacob of Mogg [prev] disdained to wear a mask in this crowded and poorly ventilated room. Two snap shots:

Conservative benches:

Labour benches:

Tally [excluding Starmer and Johnson as actually speaking]:
Con masks v nomask = 27:22 = 55%
Lab masks v nomask = 27:0 = 100%

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