Sunday 19 November 2017

Sunday Misc 181117

  • A solution to gerrymandering [prev]: Treat each area as a cake then I cut, you choose "It calls for one political party to divide a map of a state into the allotted number of districts, each with equal numbers of voters. Then the second party would choose one district to "freeze," so no further changes could be made to it, and re-map the remaining districts as it likes. The first party then would choose a second district to freeze from this map and proceed to redraw the remaining districts as it sees fit. This back-and-forth process would continue until all of the districts are frozen.via MeFi where there is lots of cogent and critical comment.
  • On Quora they have a thread about overhearing conversations where the participants assume you don't understand. Occasionally funnyMan entered shop with a few mates, saw the tasting table with samples and asked his mates if they thought he could just take some and what the F was that green shit? I smiled, said bonjour, and told him he was welcome to taste any of our cheeses and that the green shit was in fact green pesto cheese. His reaction was to stop dead, stare at me as if I had three heads and go: mais.. mais.. Tu parles Français ??’ (But.. But.. You're speaking French??) To which I responded: ‘non, non, je fais semblant.’ (oh no, I'm just pretending.) This confused him further until I told him I was joking and my mother is French.
  • I wrote about the amazing ingenuity of physicians in 2014: using a coat hanger and some cutlery to carry out a pneumothorax at 28,000 ft. That's one sick woman saved. Imagine being the ER resident in Las Vegas after the recent mass murder. He and his team processed 250 gun-shot wounds overnight. He only stopped work when he realised he could not see straight any more.
  • Why Saints Alive! of Nidaros Cathedral in Trondheim
  • Universally challenged. My sort of people: Expensively educated and chock-full-o-facts.

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