Saturday 12 September 2015

Cabo Verde sings

12th September is a national holiday in Cabo Verde, the most civilised and healthiest republic in (or at least off) Africa. Like other civilised places including Ireland, their National day is not Independence Day. Which is 5th July in Cabo Verde and not yet in Ireland - we're waiting for the boys to stop squabbling in The North.  I thought, on behalf of Turismo Cabo Verde, that I'd point you at some parts of the culture of this hot and reasonably happy place.
The flag, tribbed in song above, is not the same as was flying from government buildings [L above] when I was there in 1984. That flag in the red-gold-green of revolutionary Africa was replaced (without the agonising and $$$$ that NZ and Oz have gone through without making a change) in 1992 with the stars and bars [L above].  The stars represent the 10 main islands of the archipelago, the blue is the sea which surrounds them and the red and white is the "road of progress through struggle" or some such woofle-speak nonsense.  Never mind that: listen to the music of the islands and if your hips start to twitch, why, that's normal.

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