Monday 6 January 2014

Happy Blobday

Got up this morning dark and early - the clap of thunder fritzed the landline but also got me out of bed and getting the working day started.  It was the first day of the new term and as I hadn't done tuppence worth of work during the holiday I felt happier getting into the office early.  Felt particularly virtuous in that I got to work bone-dry, while my roomies who rocked up closer to 0900hrs had to wade through a downpour from the car-park.  So I'm back in the work-zone now and had a busy day updating registers, thinking up a research task for my 4th Yr Chemists, and getting another timetable (the third in 4 working days) for the term.

I was so busy that I forgot to recognise that The Blob is a year-and-a-day old today.  I'm still game to write, if you're still game to read it.  If you've just started lurking here, there is a backlog of deathless prose to clear.  It is doubtful if something I wrote about in May or March last year is irrelevant now: it's not that sort of blog.  Last time I counted (before my laptop lost the run of itself on St Stephen's Day), there were something in excess of 200,000 words just a couple of clicks away from this page. After I wrote the 100,000th word or earlier the 100th post, I put up a sort of index or dramatis personnae, but I promised I wouldn't do that again.  Let's hope the roof stays on tonight!

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