Sunday 12 January 2014

Full of the warm South

I first started making marmalade seriously in January 2003.  Almost every year since then I've turned up at the doors or Sam Dennigan near the Dublin Fruit Market and exchanged €20ish for 20ish kg of Seville oranges.  20kg is a crate of oranges and it's an awkward load to lug.  I've tried a few methods: balancing in the back of a bicycle, decanting half into a 35lt rucksack, schlepping it on the LUAS to Bus Aras, occasionally even picking it up in a car. Whatever the inconvenience, I wasn't about to piffle about buying a reasonable quantity in a grocer and make a dilettante's few pots. There are certain economies of scale here. Most years, I've laid off some of the fruit on friends & neighbours, so that they can make some to their own recipe. Now that I don't work in Dublin at all at all, and as we have a small surplus from last year I was going to write off the tradition this year.  But my pal Aoife is coming down from Dublin later today with the oranges and we're going to slave over a hot stove until we have some jam-jars full of the warm South.  Looking forward!

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  1. It was very well received in my workplace previously...some traditions are both worthwhile and tasty, double win?