Sunday 19 July 2015

Sunday sport

I object to the fact that the wireless is wall-to-wall with sporting features on Saturday and Sunday afternoon in Ireland. The only way to escape is to watch Masterchef on youtube or read a book . . . or go outside and mow the lawn.  The sports covered on the radio are wholly predictable and there is a lot missing to hear the description of a ball tooling up and down a pitch rather than actually seeing it. So now we can bring you some alternative sports of which you should be aware.  Mostly they involve very simple equipment - a plastic stool, a wheelbarrow, a cheese - and are agreeably free of rules and regulation . . . and such modern nonsense as health&safety and the never-ending imposition of insurance.

Cheese rolling.  What it says on the tin.  You roll a big cheese down a steep hill and plunge after it.  First to the bottom wins the cheese. Vagabrothers 8'30" reportMinimalist clip for 2015.
Pakour with wheelbarrow.  The latest thing to come out of Germany.  You may leave your skateboard at home.
Wife-carrying.  A long tradition in Finland as "vaimo kuljettavat" where you carry your wife round an obstacle course.  Most successful couples start, and finnish, with the woman upside down in the "Estonian" style. Vagabrothers 7'30" report. or with the Telegraph: Shorter, stronger, wetter.
Sporthocker. Another daft aus Deutschland form of parkour . . . at least you can sit down when you've finished your antics in the streets. 
Wood-chopping, Basque-style. You stand on a section of log in sneakers and chop though the wood without trimming your toe-nails.

All good fun and no more dangerous than rugger.

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