Sunday 12 July 2015

Scott Jurek fastest over 3.5 million metres

This Sunday evening, I've trying to get up to date info on where is Scott Jurek for the last couple of hours. Earlier reports I and II. The remarkably slow Delorme site was showing him about 500ft from the summit [R for comparison MtKatahdin is 5,270ft high 45o54'16" N 68o55'17" W].  Delorme are a GPS tracking company, so I guess they've embedded a chip in Jurek's skull. Google isn't updating the world quick enough, but twitter is:
according to Ian Corless, the running man has completed the challenge at the top of Mt Katahdin with about 3 hours to spare.  His time was 46 days, 8 hours and 20 minutes.  Jennifer Pharr Davis, the running woman, ran the other way (North-South) and took 0.27% longer.  They are within 99.7% of running it in the same time.  When are athletes going to embrace the concept of statistical significance and call these two runs The Same?

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