Sunday 10 September 2017

Filmlets 100917

I find I can justify showing films on Sundays if I embed the links in commentary (of commentary) rather than just popping them up for your edutainment. We'll see how it goes.
  • Luck of the Irish explained by Enterprise Ireland, our entrepreneur-support quango " . . . luck puts in the hard yards. . .". Come to Ireland - we eat problems.
  • This might be important. Grace Kim, architect, has designed and lives in a cohousing intentional community where 9 families have apartments but a chunk of the space inside and out is a common area where inter alia everyone eats together periodically. Social exclusion can kill. The concept was developed in Denmark in the 1960s as Bof√¶llesskab.
  • Here's six Vimeo minutes on the photographs of 1960s NYC street-photographer Garry Winogrand with a commentary by Ian Bogost explaining just how OOO the pictures are. That would be object-oriented ontology. That self-standing filmlet is embedded in a fatter envelope explaining what OOO is.  It's a philosophical position which was sent me by The Beloved who has a better brain for philosophical transactions which tend to wreck, or fly well over, my head. Here's part of a comment on the latter link ". . . Is the apparent equivocation between an anti-narrative on the one hand, and an implicit confirmation of narrative as inescapable on the other, intentional or problematic? Or is it more like an extra-narrative -- narrative not so much denied but merely demoted . . ."  Possibly profound but I have no idea what it means. Here's a comment attached to the Vimeo movie "Thanks Ian! I knew that thousands of years of philosophy would eventually lead to something more important than boring old people. My toaster and I are very grateful."  Ooooo, irony, I can understand irony.
  • After Harvey @ Houston we have Irma incommming. Juan "Oroville" Browne comments on the situation. Esp interesting view, starting at 11 mins,  of the impossibility of driving a Citroen 2CV in a hurricane.
  • Here's a nice, neat, Numberphile film about the Trinity Hall Prime a very large number which, if printed out in decimal can represent an image of the college's coat of arms.
  • At a loss for words? American Sign Language has a rich vocabulary of swear-words which the deaf are shiningly happy to share. via Tywkiwdbi.
  • For, probably obvious, self-referential reasons, I am interested in Things Bob like Bob lives in a van by the ocean.
  • Ewa Laurance is a Swedish pool player who has worked on her obsession to become the World Champion.  That's an interview, there's loadsa footage out there of her actually playing.

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