Sunday 3 November 2013

Update on hogging, blogging

As September turned to October, I wrote about metal fatigue and ships hogging themselves to death at sea.  Liberty ships were 135m long and under certain rare conditions where the frequency of large waves resonated with the ship like a tuning fork, the ships would flex until the broke in two. Modern Container ships may be 2.5 times longer than 1940s style freighters.  In June the MOL Comfort (316m long, 90,000 deadweight tons) broke in two (pics!) in the Indian Ocean during a storm. More links and commentary at Metafilter (for which much thanks): discussion on whether containers sink or float and for how long; and how expensive refrigerated containers have tracking devices to facilitate recovery.

Utterly unrelated: link for those masochists who keep reading The Blob despite finding it all Boring as Heck.

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