Friday 22 November 2013

Not Dallas, Titchfield
Where were you when . . .
Anyone who is now of voting age will be able to recall where they were on 9/11, and many of them will also recall their location when they heard about Princess Di.  Most of us in Europe woke up to the news about the Princess, and so were probably in the kitchen at home. For me, I honestly can't remember and definitely didn't send flowers to Buck House via Interflora. For 9/11 I was working in St Vincent's Hospital Dublin and was offsite for a couple of hours at the crucial time, so was spared from ever looking at the footage of people falling out of the real Towering Inferno.
You have to be over fifty to recall where you were when you heard about the assassination of JFK (today's the 50th anniverary).  I was a small chap in an English boarding school very close to the pointy tip of the red arrow on the left.  It was well after lights-out and we were all meant to be asleep, but one of my pals must have gone out for a pee and bumped into an adult, because he came back to the dorm and woke us all up to relate the news.  It was arresting but not too shocking to a 9 year old and afaik I was drifting back to Nod in short order, ready to hoover up information the following day.  I was at the start of my very expensive education which has put me in good stead winning table quizzes ever since.
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