Thursday 14 April 2022

Hazza goes Dublin

I've given a puff to Waiting For Smith previous. Well Smiffy is returning to Ireland supporting a singer-songster-technista from Kansas called I am Kawehi. She covers Nirvana

W4S is, or is fronted by, my nibling Hazza and I really like his stuff which, afaict, is all his own work. Well, almost all.

€20 will get you into Whelan's  at 8pm on Good Friday 15th April 2022 - that's tomo! I'd go for sure if it wasn't a holy day of obligation . . . and I'm the only person I know who hasn't yet copped a 'Rona.

Meanwhile in Cork W¡ld [yet more family talent] are living their own Enduring Summer Showers.

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