Wednesday 24 December 2014

The Blob's Christmas Geoguesser

Nobody should have their head wrecked at Christmas - so stay off the vodka, Kiev!  But it's also nice to have a gentle brain challenge for the holiday.  The average consumption of food in Ireland on Der Tag is 6000kcal from the rashers and fried eggs at 0900hrs to the last rissole and pick-of-cold-turkey for sandwiches at 2330hrs. That's apparently enough energy to throw a pound of butter into orbit round the Earth - or indeed a pound of feathers. If you think harder, you'll burn off this extra energy before it goes to your hips.

We've been following the QI Advent calendar quiz for the last week or so, and we're stuck on a couple of the clues. Here's a message in the same style for you, Dear Reader, for the holiday that's in it.
If you haven't been to Geoguessr yet, you have been living under a stone and need to do some vicarious travel.  As for me, I have a box of chocolates to finish.

Still up for more puzzle-puzzle?  Try some literary clues for book tokens.

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