Wednesday 22 May 2019

6 year stretch

When I started writing The Blob in January 2013, it was to log the process of transition between working part time in a University in distant Dublin and working full on, full time, in the IT sector. That's Institutes of Technology not, the more usual use as IT = Information Technology. On the scale of thing Dublin isn't 'distant' except by comparison with my current commute; which is 40km down hill and along dale through the incomparable Irish countryside watching the seasons change through the front window on my little red Yaris. It was mad busy at work and at the weekends getting to grips with the new job. But eventually (with a chair and a whip) I brought it under control. The Blob documents some of the events, triumphs and disasters that have made life so interesting for me and in science those years.

22 May 2013 was one of several days in the early part of that year when I didn't have time to post anything on Blogspot. But the next day 23rd May 2013, I was back at the scriptorum busily transcribing the Gospel According to Bob and I haven't missed a day since. If you look carefully, as my fellow blogger Russ did, for one day when there is nothing on record - but that was a cock-up on the scheduling front. I wrote something that day but it  was 'published' on a previous day - a reversal of time's arrow of which Blogspot is capable. I say Gospel According to Bob because by recording the everyday story of science-folk, I have had to put things in context. Often that context requires dredging up something from my past that seems, in my mind, relevant. I know readers, including myself later, are frequently bemused the jumps and transitions: "I have no idea what's going on here" I say.  Nevertheless it is getting like The Blob is the, rather poorly editted, story of my life. As I slip towards retirement age, it is harder to recall previous events; so soon enough I'll be unable to find any background that hasn't already been recorded.

Si monumentum requiris, circumspice: it's all in the index down the right hand margin >>>>>>

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