Wednesday 25 October 2023

Crisp t-shirt day

Last year we flagged Crisp Sandwich Day because St Crispin's Day. The event got some feedback on Metafilter. This year, TODAY is the 2nd International C.S.D., I note that there is merch! T-shirts and mugs. The t-shirt profits go to The Trussell Trust which is active in advocacy for, and feeding of, The Dispossessed across the water.

Not that we can be too smug on this side of the Irish Sea. Foodbanks, Foodcloud are necessary as the Tory-light government outsources all its responsibilities to capital: social housing, toll roads, electricity, healthcare, elder care, creches. 

But for the day that's in it: Two households, both alike in dignity, in fair Sarf London, where we lay our scene, have different views on whether a)  Hula Hoops [an ad to explain the confection to USians] are food and b) whether food should be served at parties. It's interesting the differences that multi-cultural societies throw up. Note: nobody throws up in the video.

If you've never eaten a sandwich made from bread, butter and potato-chips - now might be the day.

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