Friday 26 April 2013


. . . it's a horse.  My cousin Evan has been mad about de nags since he was in short pants, but it's an alien world for me.  It transpires that there has been a local triumph - in Japan!  Blackstairmountain just won the biggest prize in global horse racing by coming in first in the Nakayama Grand Jump.  The prize is $1.5m, and I'm sure that the owner, trainer, jockey, groomer, fetlock-currier, dung-barrower, have all done handsomely at the bookie because he came in at 25/1.  That's a pony for every quid you plunge mate, to use the technical jargon of the turf.  That's pretty cool as B's home is just down the road in Bagenalstown.  I hope that some local bard will compose a song to displace Dawn Run famous in song and story and another really local nag from 30 years ago.  Actually, I should say reprise Dawn Run because her trainer was the father of B's.


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