Sunday 13 January 2013

Multitasking Me

The first week in the new job was, as always there, a bit chaotic, so I had to cancel/postpone a few lab classes and I lost one class entirely as we were looking at different editions of the timetable. But the students so far are all engaged, or well-mannered or happy or all three .  So I been teaching Lovelock and CFCs; epidemiology; the human nervous system; introductory e-mail; confidence intervals a la ExCel; density, dextro-rotation, viscosity to determine [conc] of sugar solutions.  I've got a desk, a telephone, a parkplatz, an _excellent_ colour laser printer, unlimited pens/post-its. I borrowed my first two library books, found the staff canteen and the t'ilets.  I haven't worked so hard for 20 years and I've spent the whole weekend prepping 2 hours on the ozone layer.  I know I'm going to learn a LOT in the next few months.

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