Wednesday 9 January 2013

Day Three Down

Three days into the rest of my life and things are getting a little more settled.  Seems that the first week (or two) of each term are kind of chaotic.  The timetable-guy tries to optimise location-hours for student groups, teaching staff and available rooms.  But it often goes awry somewhere:  room A, which is ideal for the 3 primary criteria has no sink; students have two classes separated by one hour and 200m and petition to have the classes back-to-back (and leave an hour earlier); teacher is sent to the right room but two hours earlier than the students.  Nobody seems to mind much, but it can make me anxious if on top of this, the manuals haven't been printed, or the equipment breaks down.  Actually the manuals HAD been printed, but left in a cupboard and the equipment hadn't broken down but it hadn't been switched on either.  No time to sack out between classes either: the next lecture to prep, attendance registers to be updated, material to xerox or indeed read.  Famous story told about Sydney Brenner meeting earnest graduate student slaving over a hot photocopier and asking him "Have you tried neuroxing all those papers, my boy?"

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