Sunday 19 March 2017

Museum of the moving image 190317

A miscellany of views and reads.
  • Hunting for West: bloke from Montana loses the desire to kill elk when his son is born.
  • Boys aren't total shits they are just boys: Christina Hoff Sommers, revisionist feminist, on her book The War Against Boys, which makes the case that boys hit each other with sticks and don't pull up their socks but aren't less lovable for that.
  • Here's another aspect of different-but-equal in the sexes. Women are getting the bum's rush in medication because the trials are all carried out on young [expendable?] men.
  • Baskets:
    • Splitting black ash to make baskets. Who ever had the first idea to tonk a tree trunk with a lump hammer and then peel it like an orange? Fraxinus nigra, the tree, will soon be following the elm Ulmus minor into extinct from infestation by an aggressive insect pest Agrilus planipennis.
    • Making use of rushes in Ireland. Part 1. I could have popped this one in with the other Irish crafts on Paddy's Day
  • A trib to Henry Ford for setting up a car factory in Cork, near his ancestral home-place. Founded in 1917, the plant floated the local economy until it was rationalised out of existence in 1984. Did we ever consider the Ford Cortina 'sexy'?
  • Did someone [above] suggest that boys are repellent monsters? Not all of them but if this chap says white, I vote for black.
  • Wimomeh the lion sleeps to night. So much variety

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  1. That song is easily my most hated memory from childhood!