Monday 2 December 2013

Footless and fancy that

From the Aldi catalogue on special this week:  "Six footless glasses with different coloured stems in a glass vase - perfect for parties during the festive season". €14.99!!  Sorry?  In what way could such a product be perfect for parties at any season?  When the first five quaffers take out their glasses, the last one looks perilously close to tipping the beaker and making a puddle; and what sort of a party is it with only six people?  I suspect that this is driven forward by the cordless drill that was on ALDI special a tuthree weeks ago.  On dit que, and so does Rachel Botsman at TED, the average lifetime use for an electric drill is . . . 12 minutes.  These crippled champagne flutes can be re-purposed into something useful AND you can get 5 minutes more utility of your drill by drilling 6 holes in your dining room table.  Remove the table cloth first because it is bound to get all rucked up as the drill bit rotates.
Brought to you by harmless handy hints (HHH Inc.) for the real world.

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  1. How ridiculous...That's another justification as to why I only drink large buttles of stout