Friday 9 August 2013

The W!ld Corkonial Boys

If you've been reading The Blob since the beginning, you know that I recognise 100 as a sort of watershed.  If you can put together 100 whoosits then you deserve a drink.  So when I wrote my 100th post or my 100.000th word or Neil MacGregor podcast his 100th objet d'art, each event seemed worth a posting here (and a pint o' heavy elsewhere, of course).

W!ld is a talented pair of singer-songwriting brothers from Cork, whom I've know for the last 15 years since a two year old Dau.II got nearly naked up an apple tree with 5 y.o Perry Wild one broiling summer day down by the River Barrow in 1998.  Perry and his brother Louis with a bit of help from their friends have assembled (created out of whole cloth by stitching their souls to the edge of the world we find familiar) 100 original songs, and put them together on a website which was launched today:

W!ld are inviting you, me, mad Auntie May in the attic with the cedar chest, heroic Uncle Jack with the wooden leg and anyone with a couple of spare shillings to contribute to their crowdfunding project to put together an album of their best material produced with the sound quality that truly original creations deserve.  W!ld write and sing because, like Martin Luther (the reference to the messianic, slightly crazy-eyed game-changer is not entirely random) they can do no other
They certainly don't aspire to be the next One Direction - wanting to spend any time at all with Simon Cowell must be an acquired taste and W!ld's hair is, well, W!ld - but without you and your entire address book they are not going to go viral.  I don't think they deserve the fate of The Blob (like W!ld and Luther I can do no other): hirpling along with a handful of regular readers half of whom appear to be Russian.  Это все еще солнечно в Свердловске, друзей ?

Go listen - you may like. Contribute if you can - you could do worse things with your money.

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  1. beautifully put! have shared and will donate, promise. And it is sunny in the Russianside, whatever about Sverdlvosk...заботиться мой друг