Wednesday 17 May 2023

Jobs for the boys

One of the niblings, a personable young chap in his early 20s, is trying to find his niche. Not everyone decides, at the age of six, to be a librarian, fire-fighter, farmer or pharmacist . . . and sticks with it. I was only a little older when I announced that I would be a "Surgeon-Chaplain in the Marines" OR a ballet-dancer. I can assure you that no part of this career-plan came to bear fruit. We dropped by the other day to hear that he was just wrapping up a course in driving the many sorts of fork-lift that play a part in warehousing The Stuff that sustains the capitalist monster. He's done the safety-video; just needs someone in his network who'll gave him a trial.

The clearing house that pointed him towards the fork-list course also suggested that he might like be processed through a niche-locator service. When they're 22, let alone when they're 6, few have a clue about the job descriptions that appear on other people's CVs let alone what might be a good fit for them personally. You're probably right to be skeptical about whether a one-size-fits-all multiple-choice questionnaire is going to help you to the key insight that will settle your vocation. 

Look at the list [L] generated for those who completed the questionnaire in a particular / peculiar way but have no post-Leaving Certificate [=High School Diploma] quals. As the list is not alphabetical, one can only assume that starts at the best fit at the top. I suppose, for some meanings of plausible, it's a small jump from farrier (specialist in equine hoof-care) to hairdresser (specialist in human head grooming)  - clue: hooves and hair are both made of keratin??  But there's the obvious safety net because, if there are no vacancies in keratin-trimming, the nibling can always try Prison Officer, Slater or Forestry which obviously require similar  predispositions and skills??!? Farrier, Jockey and Riding Instructor all need The Nags, so there was probably a Q whose import was They Shoot Horses Don't They?

Now here's a job which any of us could have a try at: "Designer of vocational questionnaires". Hint: random number generator might be useful.

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