Saturday 4 February 2023

Jed dead

Struck in the face by a 10in by 10ft hanger, hidden in a raffle branches, as he tidied up some storm damage, arborist & tree-surgeon Jed Walters was killed instantly on Friday 20th Jan 2023. He was about 50 and leaves bereft a wife and two daughters. I know a few foresters and I know enough about chain-saws [I done the course!] to be terrified respectful around them. "about 50" means that he'd mebbe 30 years experience cutting down and tidying up trees most days of the working week. That's a lot of face-cuts, back-cuts, Humboldts . . . and near-misses; but now Atropos has caught up with him.

The youtube [tree] community has some tributes to a respected member of their profession:

There's a GoFundMe created by Jed sister-in-law, to raise $250,000 for his wife and kiddies. Nearly 3,000 people have stumped up some cash for the cause.

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