Friday 24 December 2021

Holiday Zoom Fun

For as great many covid-conscious families, there will be separation this holiday. YMMV, but we have a spent a chunk of most Christmas Past days on the blower talking to family and friends because a) we miss 'em b) Vodafone offered free calls to all. But it gets a bit desultory if a) it's the only call of the year b) there are multiple parties at each end round-robinning all-against-all. So here's somnething to give structure to your Zoom and a bit of mostly 'armless fun. 

Families tend to read/have the same books. You can play cryptocomms (®©™) where the words [or letters if pushed] of a message /proverb are sent as page X, line Y, word Z and the other end/party/team has to get the answer [quickest]. King James Bible can be handy because-on-line and widely-available as Book, Chapter, Verse, Word. 

Here's your starter.

  • Genesis 8.9.5.
  • Nehemiah 10.33.1
  • Ezekiel 33.8.6 [R looking intently R]
  • Daniel 4.4.5
  • John 1.1.5

The Da Vinci Code would do too. Ezekiel cried them dry bones

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