Sunday 17 July 2016

Love is deaf 170716

I didn't set out to find three short amateur movies about the trials of being young and deaf in a hearing world but I did:
One of the family e-round-robins fingered a tweet by AC "longhair/philosopher" Grayling citing this flashmob as an example of the European culture that Brexit was leaving behind.
Me, I demurred, slamming it as a successfully viral - 11.7m views - advertisement for Banco de Sabadell.  I like the idea of a flashmob very much; that a crowd of commuting workers would be surprised by joy when assaulted by a 'spontaneous' Arts event. Strike that, no major railway station wants or would tolerate that sort of thing during the rush-hour; but it's okay to use these 19thC cathedrals to St Engineering as a performance space mid-morning..  Here's one that is a little less in your face or in your pocket:
More filmlets without deaf people:

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