Friday 1 April 2016


Hooo har, I was only kidding along when I said that The Blob was finished. In the week after Easter, there has been another resurrection. One is allowed to say outrageous things on the 1st of April in many cultures.  In Brazil it's Dia da mentira [day of lies].  In French you are a poisson d'avril if you get caught by the prankster and it's the same convention in Italy pesce d'aprile.  Día de los Inocentes in Spanish, but that term also serves for 27th December aka Childermas commemorating the massacre of all the children by Herod in 1AD.

When we were growing up the deal was that you could do the April Fool's thing but only up until noon.  If you attempted to tell an outrageous lie or carry out a cunning prank after noon, you were "A fool for the rest of the year".  My brother and sister induced innocent-me to breach the noon-deadline so often that I'm sure I am "A fool for the rest of your life".  Back to normal tomorrow!

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