Tuesday 17 June 2014


I've been on the planet for 21915 days, which I represent above non verbis, sed rebus. The ...15 days is because there have been 15 leap years since I was born.  That count requires a counter-compensation of a compensation because the planets don't talk to each other in integers and our year and our day are not directly reconcilable.  Accordingly years ending in 00 are not leap years despite being divisible by 4 unless the century count is divisible by 4: so 2000 is a leap year and I've had breakfast, but not necessarily cake, 15 times on 29th February. Apart from Francois Jacob, who died last year, I share the bday with Igor Stravinsky, M.C.Escher, and Charles "10" Eames who are all also dead and about 19 million people (many of them Chinese) who are alive - happy us.
Reasons to be cheerful

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