Wednesday 1 January 2014

Crossword: the answer

On the solstice, to celebrate a centenary of crosswords, I devised one myself.  Didn't get much feedback, certainly nobody claimed a prize of a Chambers English Dictionary and a case of champagne.  The Boy worked out all but two, so I can't have disappeared entirely up my own orifice in making up the clues. At the time I promised an answer on New Year's Day and begob but I almost forgot.  So here are the answers.  Editor's decision is final, closing date passed, now leave me - I have a case of champagne to get through.
01ac. 1781 Planet            01dn. Closed
a Uranus d unopened
04ac. Primary virtue         02dn. Unspecified place
a kindness d anywhere
09ac. 8/9 water              03dn. Extraterrestrial
a oxygen d unearthly
10ac. One going forward      05dn. 940 Lenok submarine
a advancer d india
12ac. R-O-R' group           06dn. Sturm und
a ether d drang
13ac. Our 4th closest relly  07dn. Joe Kraus 1994 startup
a orangutan d excite
15ac. Our day will come!     08dn. S (aa)
a TAL (Tiocfaidh ár lá) d serine
16ac. The only home we have  11dn. Phoenician deity
a earth d moloch
17ac.         14dn. ENSG00000100503
a orange d NIN
22ac. The universe of Cthulu 18dn. 42
a mythos d answer
24ac. Salts of gout          19dn. from GAG or GAA
a urate d glutamate
27ac. Khmer temple           20dn. palpable, material
a wat d tangible
28ac. Radio reflecting layer 21dn. El Asturiano
a heaviside d fernando
31ac. Found by Wm Ramsey     23dn. Tashkent
a argon d TAS
32ac. Remembered             25dn. diff. between proton/neutron
a recalled d charge
33ac. C                      26dn. Sharp medical journal
a carbon d lancet
34ac. American hormone       29dn. Cosy for inuit
a estrogen (not oestrogen) d igloo
35ac. Shipworm               30dn. Wife of Leo IV
a teredo d Irene                            

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  1. must have missed that one! I'm sure I would have got one...then again maybe not!