Tuesday 8 October 2013

Diva - assez cool

Diva came out in 1981, directed by Jean-Jacques Beineix, whose birthday it is today, the 8th October.  You doubtless have the best joke you heard today, or the best book you read this year; this is the coolest film I saw in the last century, and the late great Roger Ebert agrees. Jings, it's better than Aguirre Wrath of God. It's quite expensive on play.com and only slightly cheaper on amazon.co.uk. I hope it's available on netflix because I lent my DVDiva to someone and they kept it. If Diva makes you learn French so that you can get the subtle jokes that get lost in the subtitles, then you'll thank The Blob next time you need to ask for directions in Paris.  Here's the official trailer, which shows La Diva; the "car"-chase on mobilette and Metro; Gorodish the survivor of Indochine who does jigsaws and spends a LOT of time in the bath; the baddest baddies L'Antillais and Le Curé you'll ever have nightmares about, Alba in a plastic mac and/or on roller-blades and Jules le Postier who gets in a little over his head.  Then there is the ultra-cool cream-coloured Citroën 11CVs; the cat called Ayatollah; the mysterious oriental music executives; "Je n'aime pas les flics"; the streets of Paris in the rain.
With youtube cluttered with really poor quality videos of cats and prats there are hardly any clips up from Diva. This one will surely change your relationship with sliced white bread: Gorodish, Jules et le zen du baguette. Okay, I'll cut you anglophones some slack and find the same scene with subtitles, but the quality isn't so good.
If you didn't see it in the 80s 90s or 00s then hunt it down and watch it this weekend. You won't be disappointed.

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