Monday 13 May 2013


100-up is much better than Bib-Label Lithiated Lemon-Lime Soda which was the first incarnation of 7-up - less fizz but more substance.  This is my hundredth post and I'll indulge myself in a tiny Retrospective.  It turns out, as near as dammit, that I've dropped about 100 names in those hundred posts.  I've sorted them by first name because we now seem like old friends and the good people at blogspot/blogger provide a search function for Science Matters that will satisfy your curiosity about "What could Bob possibly have to say about Gene Wilder?".  In many cases the answer will be not very much! Sorry.
Abraham Lincoln; Ada Lovelace; Alexander Bell; Amedeo Avogadro; Andre Lwoff; Andrew Harrington; Aoife McLysaght; Barry Dalby; Benjamin Disraeli; Bill Clinton; Charles Babbage; Charles Darwin; Charles-I Stuart; Chris Hayes; Christian Goldbach; Craig Venter; Daniel Day-Lewis; David Attenborough; David Fahey; David Haussler; Dionysius Exiguus; Edsger Dijkstra; Edward MacNeil; Emil Zatopek; Eugene Cernan; Ewan Birney; Francis Coppola; Francois Jacob; Frank Ramsey; Gene Wilder; George Dawson; George McClellan; Gerd Gigerenzer; Jacques Monod; James Gleick; James Joyce; James Lovelock; James Murray; James Ussher; James Watson; Jan Jansky; JBS Haldane;Jean Danjou; Jim Kent; Jim Peters; Jocelyn Bell-Burnell; Johan Kjeldahl; John Hinde; John Keats; John Lonergan; John Seymour; Joseph Conrad; JS Haldane; Karl Landsteiner; Karsten Hokamp; Ken Wolfe; Leslie Liebermann; Lynn Margulis; Malcolm Gladwell; Mary Mulvihill; Matt Groening; Matthew Broderick; Maximillian I of Mexico; MC Escher; Michael Ramsey; Michel Thomas; Michelangelo  Buonarotti; Nan Doyle; Neil Armstrong; Paddy Lydon; Patricia Arquette; Paul Crutzen; Paul McCartney; Percy Shelley; Peter Medawar; Pope PiusX; Ralph Leighton; Raj Padam; Richard Chamberlain; Richard Feynman; Richard Haldane; Ronald Graham; Saint Cunigunde; Sian Croose; Sinead O’Brien; Skip Lovelady; Sophocles; Stanislav Jungwirth; Stephen Fry; Sukiyabashi Jiro; Tony Blair; Varro Raetinus; Walter Bagehot; Widukind Lenz; Wilkinson, Mr; William Hurt; William McBride; William Shakespeare; 

Clearly these may be gathered into bins or made to form themes (several Haldanes, many geneticists, some film-stars, a surprising number of Jims).  But several of them appear to be, in the tradition of "googlewhacks", un-met by google-light:

Your search - "Amedeo Avogadro" "Sukiyabashi Jiro" - did not match any documents.
Your search - "Johan Kjeldahl" "Emil Zatopek" - did not match any documents.
Your search - "Lynn Margulis" "Varro Raetinus" - did not match any documents.
But it is the destiny of googlewhacks to fade as soon as the spiders of Google find the site that reports them, so there will be soon at least one site on Google that reports the meeting of these unlikely couples.

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