Thursday 18 April 2013

Lest we forget

I completed my PhD in Boston University in the early 1980s.  I was educated, cared for, fed and watered, and entertained by the people of greater Boston.  The friends I made there and then have become family.  Almost every Patriot's Day back then, we'd go and watch the Marathon over some small stretch of its route (only true heroes can watch it over the full 26 miles).  So it was like being struck in the chest to hear the news of the 15th of April.  I guess my sense of empathy went particularly to Lu Jingzi, who came from foreign to be a graduate student at BU just like me, who made new friends and was a long way from home  just like me, who went down to see the show just like me and who died in a bloody mess on the sidewalk.

There's more.

This is hinted by the News section on the Main Page of Wikepedia still three days later:
* A wave of bombings across Iraq kills more than 50 people and injures approximately 300 others.
* Two explosions near the finish line of the Boston Marathon kill 3 people and injure more than 180 others.

But the full (and grossly under-reported) story is that 1950 people have been killed and 4320 injured in coordinated acts of violence (I won't use the T word) since January 1st. Families in Pakistan, Iraq, Syria, Kenya, Algeria, Nigeria, Afghanistan, Yemen, Somalia, Mali, Turkey, India, Thailand, and the United States are still wondering why.

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  1. Yes, this sad, truthful, question arises once again. . . . Are we doomed as a species to ask it forever?