Thursday 25 March 2021

Beans are up

This year, I got ahead of myself and planted 2 dozen saved beans in micro flower pots on Weds 3rd March 2021. I covered them with a sheet of barely damp newspaper and put the tray of them under the sofa. Since our famous under-floor heating blew a gasket in 2015 it's cool enough in the living room and it's dark under the sofa. It took t'buggers two weeks to show a white shoulder above datum, and since Sunday I've shifted them to the windowsill to start earning the photosynthetic keep. Tomato seed needed. These are unaccountably being distributed by the Irish Library Service. This patriarch is expecting Dau.I the Librarian to sort us out. 

We have a wonderful abundance of early salad right now in the bed which was ennitrogened by the Rhizobium filled root nodules of last year's beans. All from last year's fallen seed: parsley Petroselinum crispum, flat and curley, land-cress Barbarea verna, ramsons Allium ursinum, chard Beta vulgaris (flavescens), mustard greens Brassica juncea. I think we'll be able to stave off scurvy this year.

But the beans are the biz! I still have a kilo dried from last year's abundance and we ate the last of the cropped blanched frozen crop last week. Last year there was a devastating sharp frost in the first week in May, so we need to be careful about planting outside for a while yet.

Spring is definitely sprung though and I feel much better for it.

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