Friday 26 September 2014

Speak Like a Europ Day

We just had (19/Sep/14) Talk Like a Pirate Day with its own translator. Which is all good fun. Far too late in the day, I twigged that TODAY is European Day of Languages.  I'm going to get very little 'work' done with a raft of Lingo Triv to work through.  Playing Isn't Bob Clever is all good fun until they tell him he doesn't know where Aleut is spoke. Actually the site is running Dead Slow today, but will presumably be there tomorrow as will Magyar,  and Bob. You can experiment to see the whole thing in different-speak by tricking about with the URL:  /en-GB/ --> /fr-FR/ works for example.  I may report back tomorrow after I've mopped up the puddle under my seat. Please get out there and surprise a Ukrainian with хороший день. The future of a warless world depends upon communicating with The Other. And don't limit it to "European" languages, they are almost all imported overlays on Proto-original-Euskeri.  Europeans now speak Tagalog, Tamil and Turkish.

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